Volunteers Give Back!

Volunteer for the Pit Zone

Drake MTB prides itself on having the best Pit Zone in the State. We provide food for the entire Drake extended family for the whole race day. We provide bike racks, warm-up trainers, recovery drinks, covered seating and mechanical assistance for the Riders. We make sure the Riders have fresh bottles of hydration for every lap of each of their races. We do almost all of it with volunteer parent labor - running the Pit Zone is a group effort that requires major help from parents to keep our team healthy, prepared and race ready. More than a decade of hard work, wisdom and practice has gone into figuring out how to run the league’s best Pit Zone, so your time and efforts are in good hands!

We need you to volunteer at the races! Even if you are new to the team, and have never been to a race, there is a job for you. Your contribution is highly valued!

The following paragraphs outline the general areas where we need regular volunteer labor at the races. Even if you do not sign up for a specific job, reading through these will give you an idea of what needs to get done as well as things you can do on-the-spot to help out. If you are really curious as to what a Pit Zone looks like, this video from the first race of the 2016 season captures it all in an amazing 5 minute time lapse video – from an early morning in the rain on the Golden Gate Bridge to the Riders on the course to the podium finish.

Pit Zone coordination The Pit Zone Coordinator is responsible for making sure all of the other folks running the Pit Zone are present and engaged, and make sure that the right folks show up to do the proper tasks in the proper time slot.

Pit Zone Food Table maintenance Volunteers keep an eye on food and cleanliness in the Pit Zone throughout the day and make sure that foods are replenished and then put away. Shifts are generally 2 hours, and you can pick a time when your child is not racing.

Food Coordinator responsibilities Keeps track of the overall food inventory for the team, and makes sure that food usage is tracked. Food Delivery Coordinator Tracks all the food on arrival on race day to make sure everything is present and accounted for. Bike trainer set-up Trainers need to be unloaded from the trailers, set up in the Pit Zone, and kids helped on and off the trainers prior to each race.

Pit area recycling and garbage handling Drake’s Pit Zone is also famous for having the smallest footprint for waste, thanks to the well-organized recycling, garbage, and composting efforts.

Feed Zone volunteers The Feed Zone is the area on the race course where individual riders get their water bottles handed to them during the race. Feed Zone Volunteers have two roles. There are spotters who call in race numbers from a location away from the feed zone, and feeders working in the feed zone to give bottles to the riders as they come through. This is a fun and very participatory job! Grill Master and assistants Are we having a grill master??

Team photographers All parents and family are invited to take pictures and upload to the team photo sharing site, an amazing visual record of each Drake season.

Please note that we are a PEANUT-FREE team!