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Our Sponsors

Below is a list of the 2018-19 Drake MTB Sponsors. Check them out! Use their services!! Drake MTB must raise 100% of the funds we need every season. We do not receive financial support from the school since we are considered a club sport opposed to an MCAL sport. Therefore, we are very grateful for our sponsors’ support. Without their generosity, the team would not be able to thrive and feel so supported on and off the trails. Thank you to each and everyone one!

Primary Sponsors

Breezer Bikes
Drake Team Deal:
30% off Breezer Bikes
20% off other products
Only at 3 Ring Cylces
Phone# (415)-259-5704

The Juicery

Secondary Sponsors

sunshine logo

Official Shop of Drake MTB!

** Allegiant
Nationwide Commercial Equipment Financing
Direct Financing Division
Clearview Financial
Phone# (888)-408-8805


*** gonzalez logo
Orthodontist to Biking Stars…Like alumni Ben Enbom
And Dean Lyons
5th Street in San Rafael
Phone# (415)-456-3893

Associate Sponsors

Hydration is Power

** got homes


** first on scene logo
*FirstOnScene is a company with one focus: building the best fire department RMS on the market at the lowest possible price.

** Redhorse Builders
*Exceptional Special Services Builder of Premier Homes Throughout the Bay Area

Phone# (415)-492-2020

Product Service


* logo

*** drake_fund logo

In Memory of Jim Miller**