Drake MTB Team Riders


heading out on the team ride

What you need to know

Why we ride
We ride because we love spending five to ten hours a week on a bike, hanging out with friends, and competing against other racers. We love pushing the limits of our endurance out in some of the best scenery on the planet, and we understand that part of our attraction to the sport comes from it being more physically dangerous and challenging than sitting in front of a video game.

What we race
We race in a category of mountain biking called cross-country. From Wikipedia:

“Cross-country cycling is defined by the terrain on which it is performed. XC courses and trails consist of a mix of rough forest paths and singletrack (also referred to as doubletrack depending on width), smooth fireroads, and even paved paths connecting other trails. Riding or racing is also only deemed cross-country if the technical complexity of the trails is easy or moderate. Trails difficult even to experienced riders are more often dubbed “all-mountain”, “freeride”, or “downhill”.

If you only live for extreme riding, consider dropper posts as a must-have for the trails you ride, and get bored easily riding fire roads, then this may not be the sport for you. Our training rides focus on building leg strength, lung strength, and enough technical skills for the cross-country courses that we race on. If you show up expecting Downhill or Enduro rides every day, then the coaches will be happy to refer you to trails you can ride as an independent rider.

What we expect
Follow the rules and understand that riding as a team is a privilege, not a right. Riding as a team requires safe riders, engaged parents, dedicated coaches and ride leaders, and coordination with the community of people who manage and use the same trails that we ride. In return, you, as a team rider, are expected to adhere to the rules below; failure to know and follow these rules will result in losing your privilege to ride and race with the team. If the rules are ignored repeatedly by multiple riders, then it puts the entire team (and trail access for all riders) at risk. Riding as a team is a privilege, not a right, and we maintain that privilege, day after day, by working with the coaches, ride leaders, parents, and local community to follow the rules.

We are a PEANUT-FREE TEAM, so no foods with peanut ingredients or peanut-flavor energy bars. Please check ingredients of the foods you are bringing.