Parent Info


Mandatory Parent List: Without timely attention to these items, your Rider cannot train with the team or participate in the races.

Item to Complete Description Submission Deadline
Join the DrakeMTB google Group Stay up-to-date on the latest team and community info October 15th
Register for the Drake Team Info the coaches and high school needs to let you participate in a club sport October 15th
Tam District Release of Liability Form The Release of Liability form must be printed out, filled out, and emailed to Lynn Valdivia at November 6th
  (please also read Administrative Regulation 6145.5 , which contains important limitations on the scope of Drake MTB’s club activities)  
Order Team Jersey(s) for your Rider Get your jersey and shorts that identifies you as a Drake Rider November 17th
Fill out scholarship form (if desired) Financial assistance to help assure equal opportunities for all riders November 28th
Participate in Fundraising for the team ~Help raise the second half of the money that pays for races, coaching stipends, and team necessities December 31st
Pay Team Dues The first half of the money that pays for your races, coaching stipends, and other team necessities December 25th
Register your Rider with NICA info the league needs to allow you to race with the team January 15th
School Driver Certification Form This form must be printed out, filled out, and emailed to Lynn Valdivia at January 30th
Field Trip Form for off-campus events This form must be printed out, filled out, and emailed to Lynn Valdivia at January 30th

The holds responsibility for team compliance with the necessary forms, so please reach out to our Director via email with any questions or issues on the above forms.

pic of parents and riders

Being a mountain bike parent can be an amazing way to connect with other parents and Riders on the team. Our goal is to help families and Riders have the most efficient and rewarding Drake MTB experience. There are mandatory administrative items and fees for getting your Rider on the team, but beyond that parents can choose the level of time and resource commitments that match what their family can support throughout the season. For questions that we do not address below, please contact

The Drake Mountain Bike Team is a club sport, which means that the team cannot function without volunteer labor and support, most of which comes from you, the Parents. At a minimum, we ask that parents do the following:

Strongly Suggested Parental Activities —> If you got through the checklist of forms above by the required deadlines, congratulations! For new parents, all of the forms can be a bit overwhelming. Drake MTB hopes that all parents consider participating in the volunteer activities listed below that best fit their time and desire – without parent volunteers, the team activities and races would literally grind to a dusty halt.

Volunteer for the Pit Zone Drake MTB prides itself on having the best Pit Zone in the State. We provide food for the entire family, bike racks, warm-up trainers, recovery drinks, shade, seating and technical mechanical assistance throughout the entire day. This is a group effort that requires major help from parents to keep our team healthy, prepared and race ready. Please look at the Volunteers page to get an idea of how the volunteer efforts are organized; more than a decade of hard work, wisdom and practice has gone into figuring out how to run the league’s best Pit Zone with volunteer labor, so your time and efforts are in good hands!

Volunteer for Norcal while at the races NorCal also needs parents for course set-up and takedown, parking coordination, course marshals, registration, scoring, sweepers, etc. There is plenty of opportunity to stay busy and work off that nervous energy! Let’s continue to show that Drake always helps out at all times.

Attend Parent Committee meetings and get involved Parent Committee meetings are schedule for the 1st Tuesday of the Month in the Drake Student Center at 7pm. If there is no school on the first Tuesday of the month, then the meeting is usually rescheduled for the next Tuesday school is in session. Please refer to the team calendar on the Home Page for date confirmation. If you miss a meeting, check out agendas/notes from previous meetings.

The purpose of the meetings is to create an opportunity to share news about upcoming events, help plan for those events and get involved to help support team activities. All are welcome and encouraged to attend. We try to limit the meetings to one hour but you often see parents sticking around for a while after catching up with one another. Drake Mountain biking has been a powerhouse in cycling for the past 15 years because of our parents. We are well organized, enthusiastic, friendly and involved. We need a village to operate the club with fundraising, a couple parties, and the races (food, feed zones, cheering, video clips, etc). Hope you can make it!

Ride with the team on Sundays Parents are invited to ride with the team on Sunday rides if they so choose. We ask that such parents meet the same physical requirements, bike-ready requirements from the FAQs, trail-ready gear , and wear-the-right-stuff requirements as the Riders. In doing so, parents have the opportunity to spend time with their Rider while assisting Coaches and Ride Leaders with managing team rides. Please reach out to or if you have any questions.

We are a PEANUT-FREE TEAM, so no foods with peanut ingredients or peanut-flavor energy bars. Please check ingredients of the foods you are bringing.