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Order your 2015-2016 Team Kit Today!! – Deadline 11/25

2016 Drake MTB Riders


The Secure link below will take you to the Drake MTB Store which is similar any other online ordering service. You will need to enter your billing address and credit card information to place your order.


A few details to note:

  • This is a new vendor. Previously we used Capo and now we are switching to Castelli.
  • EVERYONE needs a new jersey this year. The previous jersey will not suffice in the races but you are welcome to continue to wear it for training rides.
  • There are 2 versions of the jersey. The TEAM is the slimmer cut, race fit jersey, with raglan sleeves. The TRAINING is the fuller cut jersey with set-in sleeves.
  • L/S is short for Long Sleeve
  • Castelli will ship to Coach Sarah and Coach Otis who will then distribute to the riders.

  • More info on the 2015-2016 Team kit here.

Sarah Starbird
Co-Head Coach
Sir Francis Drake HS Mountain Bike Team

November 1, 2015