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Emergency Information

Emergency Contact Information

Title Name Cell phone number
Team Director Lynn Valdivia 415.302.0310
Head Coach Laura Childress 415.279.4469
Head Coach Rob Reed 415.465.3101
Assistant Coach Mitch Brown 415.887.8536
Assistant Coach Ted Fehlhaber 415.846.4510
Assistant Coach Chris Kenton 415.302.1318
Assistant Coach Bill Melton 415.309.9458
Assistant Coach Shawn Nelson 415.412.6023
Assistant Coach Nicole Palkovsky 415.717.5181
Assistant Coach Scott Samet 415.997.9865
Assistant Coach Philip Swett 415.265.2802
Assistant Coach Matt Willis 415.342.6410
Ride Leader Amie Brooke 415.860.7896
Ride Leader Andrew Galbraith 415.830.7088
Ride Leader Bridget Clark 415.370.0740
Ride Leader Chris Miller 415.225.2184
Ride Leader Dolores Mosqueda 415.205.1501
Ride Leader Doug Mathieux 415.595.0803
Ride Leader Eric Betz 415.272.1059
Ride Leader Evan Marquit 415.516.6304
Ride Leader Isabella Battig 415.517.4919
Ride Leader Jeffrey Guild 510.708.7701
Ride Leader Karl Vavrek 415.613.7940
Ride Leader Mackinzie Stanley 415.867.4643
Ride Leader Sarah Ashton 415.602.8786
Parent Comittee co-President Michelle Cox 415.676.7246
Parent Comittee co-President Linda Kenton 415.378.9188