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Join us for some fun at the Dixon Ranch February 6th 2016

Tails and Tires!!! Sign up by Feb 1 MONDAY!

MCBC is hosting another Tails and Tires event this year at Dixon Ranch. Drake MTB requires this workshop for new riders so you have the opportunity to learn a little more about horses and why its important to be cautious when you encounter a horse on the trail. I know it all sounds pretty basic. However, there is more to it then you think and this is actually a really fun event - ask anyone who attending last year.

Because Tails and Tires had such a positive response, we are opening it up to returning riders but we do need to prioritize new riders if the class starts to fill up. If you want to attend or have to attend because we have said its mandatory - please sign up below by February 1 (next MONDAY)!!


January 27, 2016